SENIOR-Four top ten schools, students

By William Madouk Garang

The National Examination Council yesterday announced senior four results of 2019/2020 in which the best school performers were from St. Daniel Comboni with 89.6% followed by St. Lawrence SS with 88.6% both in Central Equatoria State.

The results were announced by council’s Secretary General, Simon Nyok Deng in the presence of Minister Awut Deng

Lake State’ Loreto Girl SS came the third with 88.3% followed by Jonglei state, Greenbelt with 87.6% pass rate. Warrap state’s Don Bosco was ranked the fifth with 87.4% and Juba Diocesan Model SS of Central Equatoria was ranked the sixth with 87.1%.

Jonglei state’s Royal High School came the seventh with 86.6% followed by Central Equatoria’s Salaam Secondary School with 86.4. Number nine in the ranking was Jonglei State’s Alliance High School with 86.2% and Eastern Equatoria, Fr.Leopoldo SS tenth with 85.9% percent best performers.

ina press conference yesterday, the Ministry of General Education and Instruction through National Examination Council also announced the top 23 best students across the country in the Secondary School Certificate.

JospehObwanyOkicNyikang was declared the leading student with score of 95.1%. He is a student of Josuha Okwaci SS, Upper Nile State follwed by Sebit Justin Sunday Lavirick with 94.6% of St. Daniel Comboni SS, Central Equatoria state.

In the third position was Chok Otong Liah Chieh with 94.4% of Juba International SS of Central Equatoria state, and the fourth,KuotKiirAluelmirrKiir with 94.4% of Darling Wisdom Academy, Central Equatoria State.

He wasfollowed in the fifth position by Deng Chol Deng Chol from Bor College High School, Jongleiwith 94.4%.

Who was followed by the lead female candidate Josephine Poni Gwido Sawaka of St. Daniel Comboni SS, Central Equatoria State with 93.9%.

Number seven position was Kuch Buol Mabior Kuch from Darling Wisdom Academy, Central Equatoria State with 93.7%., eighth position was second female candidate Anna Jumbo Lado Tombe from Juba Diocesan Model SS, Central Equatoria State with 93.6%.

Dau Akech KuotDau was number nine with 93.6% from Salaam SS, Central Equatoria State followed by Elizabeth Achuil Lius Mayar from Juba Diocesan Model SS, Central Equatoria state.( see results on Page 12)

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