SENIOR-Four all set for exams today

ByYiep Joseph

The National Examination Council yesterday confirmed that all the registered candidates for2021 Certificate of Secondary Schools Examinations across the country were set to start their examinations today.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor, Simon Nyok Deng, the Secretary-General for National Examinations Council confirmed that all the senior four candidates in the ten states and the three administrative areas were ready for the exams

“The examination is starting tomorrow (today) at 9 am nationwide, everything is set and there is no worry at this point for any child or candidate to miss,” Nyok said

He reaffirmed that the examination papers had reached all the areas including those that were affected by conflict in the Upper Nile state.

“We have reached all the areas, the last paper that was not taken was Southern part of Unity state Panyijar, we have managed a few minutes back and have settled now everything is in place,” he said.

“We had issues in Southern Part of Unity, the airplane( carrying exam papers) went two times it could not land but thank God it has landed now and it is back to Juba, we have gone all the way to Upper Nile Longechuk, Nasir, so the exams is nationwide” he added.

He reiterated that all senior four candidates including those in conflict-affected areas will sit for exams.

“The areas affected by conflict have received their exams papers, those areas that were affected include Leer county but it is settled now, we went to Leer yesterday and everything is fine, no more fighting, and all the students will sit,” he said.

Nyok added that all the supervisors and security officials had already been deployed in all examination stations across the country to make sure that exams were free from malpractices.

Last month, the Ministry of General Education and Instruction set Monday 18, April 2022 as the date for the 2021 Certificate of Secondary Schools Examination however due to some reasons it was later extended to Wednesday 20(today).

The Ministry also announced that at least 32,167 candidates were registered for2021 academic year Exams.

The candidates who are set to sit for today’s Examination across the country include 10,368 females and 21,799 males.

In 2020, the number of candidates who sat for the same examinations was 34,536 compared to 32,167 for this year 2021.

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