Selling traditionally fermented milk is business in Aweil

By Paulino Angok Garang

Traditionally fermented cow milk is becoming a growing business for hundreds of women in Aweil town of Northern Bahr El Ghazal State.

According to Angelina Kuot Atem who spoke on behalf of women the small business help them sustain basic needs for their families.

“I have been idle without doing anything that is why I decided to do some small business like selling this milk, because with this I am able to buy one tin of sorghum in a day,” Kuot said.

Kuot called on other women who are idle to do any small business saying life is difficult if anyone doesn’t engage in any business so as to sustain life.

She stressed that the government should support business women in the country with funds to start small scale businesses.

Adau Ngor, a 55 year old woman said nothing much has changed since she started the business, arguing that the state government should intervene in their plight.

“Our state government should consider the women as part of his plan and programs,” Ngor urged.

The women said prices of commodities in Aweil market have increased constantly. They said a small tin of sorghum locally known as Malou in Aweil market costs two thousand South Sudanese pounds.

Women in South Sudan have been highly appreciated for supporting their families as economic hardship begun to surge in the country.

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