Self-control and discipline

By Akol Arop Akol

A quote that says what is not taught at home by parents or relatives would be taught to you outside, it can be something about life, education, love, or interaction with people from different cultures, some friends, workmates, tutors, and strangers, you will learn a lesson that will make you strong in life. In daily life we interact with different people, some of them want us while others act like we are less-important to them.

Both concepts are true, we can sometimes change someone’s life completely or destroy. For example, we go into relationship to share life experiences and happiness, unfortunately, we end up and separate. Thus, sadness is left in our hearts. It would defend on self-control and that differentiates our responses when we are disappointed by people we trust.

After being injured or heartbroken by someone, the weak ones would try to physically harm and emotionally hurt others while people who cannot control their tempers end up committing suicide.

People interacting with us in business, relationship or leadership all have their intensions and missions. They would add or subtract some values.

Some will entertain you with lies and make you trust them. Some also come to talk against other innocent people and if you don’t have self-control over your emotions and thoughts, you will believe in wrong information and start developing hate towards them.

However, the liars, rude people and those who behave strange as enemies are useful and helpful sometimes. They are all important to contribute into your life and you also do something for them, when they don’t meet your interest, you must keep being you.

Don’t jump into people’s shoes, your and their personality matters above all. Maybe what you heard about them is not true, how they look also is not how they feel and think. Though it is common in our society today, good-looking (handsome and Beauty) people are respected, loved and favored wherever they go, we must be contented in who we are and what we have without going into opposition, competition and rejection with others.

The same to you, people may reject you just because you are physically disable or poor. But what matters is your personality and dignity. Your dignity has to be unchangeable by people who are just walking and talking without self-control. When you have a genius personality people will respect and always consider you in their lives.

Self-control refers to the ability of controlling or managing your own actions, feelings and thoughts and your ways of approach. How you manage your actions affects your linkage with others, if you are an easy-angered person and sticky to unforgiveness, peace and joy would not exist in your daily life.

You need to master and control your feelings towards people or situations and find situatable approaches that are neither harmful to others nor yourself.

Self-control simply means the power of controlling yourself and what you do or say. The relationship between self-control and discipline is that you can know how to behave towards the people and the nation. Self-control is much needed when there is misunderstanding and disagreement, people might be arguing or fighting, there you should not involve yourself without knowing the root cause because at the end you will be one of the victims.

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