SECURITY – Wings spread in kids killing probe

By Nema Juma

The dust seems to be settling after the greasy murder of three children in Rock City out skirts of Juba, Police have spread their wings on an investigation covering the whole area and its surroundings.

According to police Spokesperson Maj. Gen.  Daniel Justine, the police operation has already arrested 16 suspects a mission led  by top police officers spearheaded by Inspector General of Police himself Gen. Majak Akec Malok.

Gen. Justin stated that the security organs are set to cover the whole area and to comb each and every possible lead that would help nab all those who were involved in the murder.

The slain children were buried on Monday in sombre mood that engulfed the whole area and the country at large.

“All of us are here to make sure that the area and all those people are safe. We are still gathering information to find out and arrest more suspects,” Justin said.

On Monday President Salva Kiir Mayardit raised concern over the killing of the three innocent children who were murdered in Rock City suburb.

He directed the Law enforcement agencies to use every tool in their disposals to expeditiously apprehend and try the suspect in this unjustifiable murder.

President further appealed to all members of the public who may know something about this case to support the investigation by passing information to police to help them solve this barbaric act.

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