SECURITY-To be beefed up in restive areas

By James Atem Kuir

Security forces have intensified presence following recent increased violence in the restive areas of Tonj, in Warrap, Lakes and Unity States,police spokesperson revealed.

Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin said additional security forces have been deployed intoTonj,Warrap and Unity states following last week reported attacks where scores including members of armed forces were killed,and in the wake of increased roads ambushes along Juba Bahr el Ghazel roads.

“We have deployed additional forces in Tonj, Warrap and Unity states. Most of the forces deployed nearby these places have been sent to join the forces on the ground in the areas that have been experiencing the violence,” he said in an interview yesterday.

“So far the situation has improved in the areas that had incidences of crimesin recent days,” he added.

Gen. Justin stressed that the forces will work to combat activities of the cattle raiders and criminal bandits that have been staging ambushes along major high way across the states.

“These forces will make sure that civilians are safe from attacks, andcommunities stay peaceful. We have knowledge about where these cattle raiders are and what they are doing. We have a good mapping of the activities of these criminals,” he said.

“we are making sure that roads between Juba and Wau and anywhere else are accessible and secure. Recently, the government of Lakes state provided 150 motorbikes to the security to help monitor the roads. With this intervention, it will be easy to track the criminals that cause problems along the roads,” he added.

Inter-communal violence, revenge attacks and cattle raidings continue to erupt across the country, with Lakes, Warrap and Unity among other states being hotspots for some of this protracted cycle of violence.

Observers attribute the causes of these violence attacks and raids tothe retaliatory nature of cattle raiding, lack of accountability for perpetrators and the proliferation of arms among the civilian population among others.

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