Security tackled, remains boundaries

By: Kitab A Unango

The security arrangement provisions is confirmed tackled during yesterday’s meeting between President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar that would enable possible formation of unity government on time, according to Tut Gatluak, Presidential Security Advisor.

Tut also confirmed that the pending issue of number of states and their boundaries will be resolved ahead of the deadline.

“Today (yesterday) we discussed the report on how to implement the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan. As you can see all the forces are being dispatched to the training centers, all parties agreed that the process is going very well.”

“We again discussed the formation of the unity government and according to the report and the current situation, all parties should recommit themselves to the formation of the government at the end of extended 100 day,” Tut said.

Addressing the press after a closed door meeting between the two principals, attended by Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, Sudan’s Deputy Military Sovereign Council leader yesterday, Tut said the government’s position regarding number of states remains as 32 states.

“Concerning the number of states and their boundaries, we have not agreed upto now. The position of the government is 32 states and there is no any change. We don’t have problem. We shall reach the agreement to bring peace to South Sudan,” Tut said.

On Tuesday, David Mabuza, Deputy President of South Africa told the press after a consultative meeting with President Salva Kiir that his visit would ensure lasting solution to the issue of states’ number and their boundaries.

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