It seems like there is emergence of unknown gunmen who are on the loose. For a while the security organs had stamped down and almost brought their existence to an end. But things seem to have turned around and they are slowly coming back in the open. Reports has it that someone was recently attacked and robbed in the early hours of the evening by some six people branding small arms which were concealed in the their waistband. They seem to be operating with small arms to avoid security detection before, during and after their criminal acts. The government through police department and other security organs are known to have been keen in fighting the crime and criminals to enable the public go about their chores in peace but the thugs are not relenting and causing havoc. Security should not relent in the fight against criminals and should ensure they are defeated in their games by hunting them down, arresting them and taking them to courts. A country is hesitant to grow when criminals are causing havoc amongst members of the public. The acts equally discourage investments. It is therefore important that the safety of these is taken to uppermost consideration when dealing with matters of national concern. The security organs must use all at their disposal to ensure criminals and their crimes are met with the full force of the law. Members of the public should also be involved to help in reporting those they see or suspect to be involved in the crime acts because many a time some criminals live within the general surroundings. There should be a clean environment to attract investments without fear of some unknown gunmen who are prowling the streets without fear of the security organs and doing what they feel like doing.

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