The festive season is approaching in which the police and other security organs are required to be watchful in protecting the public and their properties. Cases of bag snatching by the so called Toronto Boys seems to be on the increase since they equally risk their lives to have something to celebrate with. Police have promised to beef up security in the city and the whole country. This is not what is expected to the security. They are required to be on their toes all the time fighting all types of crimes that are being committed in the society. They should not make the citizens believe that they can only be protected when major festivals or celebrations are taking place. The special operation unit drawn for the festive should understand the need of the common man. They should not use the position to extort and harass innocent people who are going about their businesses. There is something that the security organ should desist from. Going from door to door at night waking people who are sleeping is in itself a crime against humanity. What reason should they give for waking up those who have innocently slept unless they suspect one to be a reported criminal in their wanting records. Not all security personnel are wayward, but there are some few individuals who are tarnishing the image of the force by going beyond their required mandates. These rogue officers should be thinned out among the good one if the forces was to maintain respect from members of the public. The security organs should portray and represent good image of the country. There should be vigil all the time since the public need protection not only during the celebrations but all the time to enable them continue building the nation.

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