Security personnel should stop taking money from foreigners

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

The information published yesterday in the newspaper that security personal were moving from door to door asking for money from foreigners by force should be stopped. Taking money in a wrong way is a crime against law of the country. They are supposed to be the ones to protect foreigners and show them good example by doing right things in the right way.

 For what has happened, let the authorities concerned in the country apply law against those security personnel who took money in the wrong way from the foreigners. What they did has tarnished the name of security organs in the country. It means our security personnel are not respecting law or they were not well trained in the field of security. Any security personnel is supposed to work according to the law. If they were robbers they were not supposed to work in this profession.

They have become the enemies of the people in the country instead of protecting people. They started with foreigners, next time they would go to the nationals. However, the authorities should take this matter seriously and warn others not to do the same. The situation of Coronavirus is not to allow people do things out of the law.  The time given by the government is to limit mobility of people. Not to encourage members of the security organs to do wrong things. Certain people may think it is an opportunity or a way of getting money on wrong way. Anything you take in wrong a way, you would not benefit from it. Let us have good relationships with foreigners since they are here for us.

Don’t do bad things to them, even killing them is not acceptable.  If you do it, you are not punished by the authorities of the country; God will punish you at the end of your life. We need to do good things so that when we die, we would not be punished by God.

God knows what you did and what you are still doing to everyone on earth. The current situation is not to force you to rob anything from innocent people. Let us do well to foreigners, so that we maintain our bilateral relationships with those countries supporting us.

 May God bless us all.                                    

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