Security officials blamed for misuse of guns

By Yiep Joseph

Some security officials from different sections have been accused for misusing government firearms under their custody.

This development came in during the opening of the five days training on physical security and stockpile management for South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF) and other officials.

The training was organized by Bureau for community security and small arms control in collaboration with Regional Centre on Small arms with support from Bonn International Centre for Conflict Studies.

While addressing the media yesterday, Lt GenAbraham ManyuatPeter A/IGP for Administration and Finance, SSNPS blamed some officials who misused arms in their custody for their own activities.

“The issue of organized forces carrying guns with them at home creates a problem because they misuse these guns” Manyuant said.

“If your daughter is eloped by somebody you would take that gun and commit a crime” he added.

He urged all security officials to register their firearms with the concerned departments and stop taking guns to their home or houses.

“It needs every department to have the safe custody where to keep their guns for safety of everyone.Whenever you are going for duty you need to be registered and given a gun and when your duty is over bring it back and registered again.

It is important that all the guns be kept in the custody, no gun should be outside unless if somebody is on duty or going for a mission and the mission must be known” he added.

He suggested that there was need for a board to be formed to solve all problems related to proliferation of guns in the hands of civilians.

“There are so many factors involved this which means we should have a board to manage the crises and that would include chiefs, local government, the media, the security and the citizens themselves” he expressed.

He revealed that the group could negotiate the best way to make disarmament succeed.

Brig Gen (Rtd) Cristo Simon FATAKIDirector for Institutional Development and Capacity Building /training   at the Regional center on small arms explained that the aim of the training was to equip the officials on skills regarding protection and management of small arms in the region.

“We are here to train security forces on weapon and firearms management, we organized for 30 officials from different security sectors police, military and other organs. The training is meant to ensure proper management of guns in the region” Christo said.

“A failure to control arms in one country will have impact over geographical and political boundaries, therefore we need to have a regional cooperation to control all the arms” he added.

Lt Gen Andrew KuolNyuon Chairperson of Bureau for Community Security and Small Arm Control called on the officials to acquire the skills and later put them into practice

He called on the citizens to help the security officials in fighting crime in the country.

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