Security normalizes in Lakes State

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The fears that elevated from Civilians within Lake State is presently steady and the question remains, would the Current leadership last long or will there be changes.

Lakes State has been flanked with community clashes, cattle raiding, availability of weapons and weak justice system.

Speaking to Juba monitor, one of the civilians of Lake StateWel Tier Mariel   said, there was Stability in the State for the last three months and therefore, Governor Rin Tueny should continue with his work.

“Currently Lakes State has been stable for the last three months and with this, governor would do more if given enough time, most especially with the interest of the security aspects’’.

Khaman Makuenyer Achien from Lakes state said, the current stabilized security should be Maintained.

“The current approach being used by the Governor and the entire cabinet was a collective responsibility from the citizens of LakesState and we are now having peace, working together and it should be maintained.”

Meanwhile Meen Gabriel who is also in Lakes State citizens said, the governor should be maintained most especially within this transitional period.

“There were random killings in Lakes state but since the Governor came, the security is now Stable, even if the gelweng youth are not disarmed, there are laws and the random killings is not there, with this I would wish the governor to be with us in this transitional period”. he urged

In his part the executive director of Community Empowerment for ProgressOrganization (CEPO),Edmond Yakani, said that ever since the governor took host in Lakes State, there have been ongoing positive changes happening in Lakes State.

“Since the governor went to the state, there has been positive changes, for instance traveling through Aluakluke to Rumbek, before there were attacks but currently the security on the road is steadyand okay, well we have organization that registers weekly, it used to register two to ten large lost, but now we go for a month withan incident that claimed two lives only.” Edmund said.

He added that, based on the response from the traders, roadswere safe for transporting goods.

’’I had talked with traders in the market and they said it’s easy for them now to take their goods from Rumbek to other areas without attacks compared to the time when the new leadership didn’t come to existent,” Yakani said.

He however, stated that localpeople of Lakes State wereworried whether   the current leadership would beMaintained or changes come.

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