Security is the hope for lasting peace

Insecurity still poses threats to many parts of the country even as the Government tries to contain the situation. A day does not pass without death related to gun(s) not reported. We have fresh in mind this week a lonely young music artist whose offence could have been his travelling from Nimule to Juba, met his solo death in the hands of thugs who selected to kill him alone while the rest were left alive. It is not our domain to choose who did what where, but it is our responsibility to tell the authorities categorically that security for the public and the country needs to be beefed to the hilt without compromise. There are people who thrive during insecurity where majority are suffering and there are those who respect the rule of law. Not everyone carrying a gun is a threat to the society. Some of these people are what we call “officer and a gentleman”. The rogue ones are those killing and maiming their fellow human beings aimlessly. They seem to have no purpose in life and would go out far to do what is not required of them. Emma47 is gone through the bullet, a painful death which cut short his life. Although we accept the verdict of God in every situation, this we can say is the work of human being. Not Godly. The government should therefore increase surveillance and patrol on the Nimule- Juba road, Juba Yei road, Juba-Bor road and those which are allergic to unknown gun-men attack. Security should be a priority not only orders from above but must be seen to be effected practically in unsecure areas of the country. This is the only way peace will prevail and confidence of the people restored.

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