Security for Christmas Eve

By: Anna Nimiriano

Security arrangement for Christmas Eve is not a new thing. It has been there for about five years, the reason was to control people from unnecessary violence and accidents taking place during Christmas celebration. It doesn’t mean that something bad is going to happen, but to safeguard people’s normal movement in the areas and in the churches.

Some churches have night prayers; not everybody is going for prayers at night. Among them are thieves and criminals. Therefore, it is the role of the police to prevent such kind of people. Movement at night should be allowed for night prayers, people should move normally without fear. Police ought to make unquestionable that everybody go to the church and return home in peace.

Various people could go drunk in the church and make noise; it would be the role of police and security should not to allow them enter in the church. This arrangement needs to be done early by Jubek state government. It is their responsibility to select staff that are going to work on those days. They would be given strong directive on how to conduct themselves. Otherwise some of them would misbehave on duty, especially for those who are drinking beer.

Specific criminals usually take opportunity on 24th masses at night, last year such kind of group threatened girls at Saint Theresa Cathedral Kator, on the roads going to the church. Before the mass could start and after the mass has ended. Majority of them were young people. They were moving in groups, the way they dressed was different compared to others. Usually they move armed with sharp instruments to harm people on the roads.  Sometimes they can take bags of girls and women while they are going or coming from the church. These groups of youth are children of South Sudanese.

It was only that they came out from the home and living hostile life. It is the responsibility of the government to take care of them. They are partly street children living in groups and have one goal. Let the government find out possible ways of resolving their problems and live in a better place. I am sure if government is serious, they would get means and ways of improving their characters. Several of them have parents; there were reasons that made them to become criminals, doing bad things in the eyes of people. For them what they are doing is good that is why police and security are needed to prevent such behaviours.

We need Christmas of this year to be one of the best. Nobody would make that; it would come through collective responsibility.  In the families parents have to take care of their children, not to do bad act on the streets. If parents have that duty of educating them in good manner, the above mentioned conduct could not occur in the country.

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