The security for Easter holiday and Ramadan fasting month was up-to-date until the gangs in various locations of Juba believed to have over-celebrated the Easter were caught interrupting the Christians on their ways to the churches and at their homes celebrating, and arrested by Juba City Mayor. Bravo to the security forces for maintaining the calm as Christians continue celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the son of God. Major General Daniel Justin, the Police Spokesperson and Michael Lado Allah-Jabu, the Major of Juba City Council must be macarized for the brilliant strategy they always use to render freedom in Juba and its adjacent areas. Since the Easter holiday and Ramadan month began, police officers alongside other personnel have been observed in all checkpoints and darker corners of Juba to make sure no threat arises to disturb Muslims and Christians from celebrating the Easter week with full focus to the word of God. This is not the first time for the National Police Service and other security-concerned departments to liaise in an attempt to maintain the security in the city. This is a good coordination and should continue to invalidate the so-called insecurity in Juba so that the city dwellers carry out their daily routines without fear. Niggers are a group of gangs who often go against security maintenance because it deprives them of earning their livings, and in earning their livings, they cause havoc, leading to disturbance of the well-being of the citizens. These gangs, if dealt with completely, can help in security maintenance for a long time. They are so confusing that they may be seen as if celebrating, but tricking the sources of their incomes to forget in order for them to rob. However, they see Easter period as a period where everything is availed for celebrations, in that, if they don’t cause chaos in it, they may not spend the period of scarcity well. Thank God 43 of them were caught and arrested, sending a scaring message to the rest that the security is serious.

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