SECURITY-Christmas peaceful, police still vigilant

By Chany Ninrew

The National Police Spokesperson has confirmed that the security situation has exceptionally improved during the Christmas Holidays despite reports of what he calls minor incidents across the country.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor in his office, Major General Daniel Justin revealed that one person suffered a gunshot wound at a night club in Buluk west of KCB when fighting erupted between youth on 26th December.

“There is a disco place here in Buluk near KCB, the fighting erupted between some youth and one person was shot and we managed to apprehend the suspect,” said General Daniel Justin.

The Police Spokesperson also confirmed reports of cattle raiding in the states, but he added that almost all the states are calm.

“In the states, almost all the states have reported the security situation to be calm, but there were reports of cattle raiding in Rumbek and in Ruweng Administrative Area, but there were no reports of casualties,” he said.

The routes in and out of Juba are also part of our security arrangement and we deployed forces along the roads and they reported nothing, the situation was normal, we also have some minor traffic cases but most of the times they are not reported to us because cases like boda-boda accidents are resolved on the street specially when there are no injuries. No cases of death were reported as a result of road accidents so generally one can say this Christmas was peaceful,” he narrated.

The Senior Security Officer also said they are prepared and on standby for end of the year up to the first week of January to make sure that the two festivals are secure and peaceful.

Meanwhile, Gen. Justin said that the national Police are losing patience against street gangs whom he said to be fighting and causing chaos in the residential areas.

“These youth calling themselves niggers have become a security threat nowadays, so we have been appealing to the public to take care of their children, they must know where they are going and coming from, otherwise they will fall victims of these niggers,” he warned.

On Boxing Day, it was reported that two young men died in a gang fight in a party place in Gumbo Sherikat after which three groups of the youth were arrested and are currently under police investigation.

Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin finally appealed to the general public to cooperate with the security forces and report cases of security concerns in the residential areas.

“My appeal to the public is that they have to cooperate with our forces so far they are cooperative in reporting cases, but it is important that they report on timely basis in order for us to respond promptly,” he said.

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