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Security apparatus warned against robbing civilians

By Baraka John  

The Commissioner of Yambio County Hussein Ibrahim Bakumba had warned all the security personnel on night patrol that enforce curfew in Yambio County against collecting civilians’ belongings by extortion.    

Last month, Western Equatoria government imposed curfew in Yambio County, a move aimed to curtail night attacks and looting by groups of unknown armed men.

However, some civilians who were found moving in the curfew hours said the forces implementing the curfew stop people and collect all their belongings including money and cellphones.

Speaking to media yesterday, Commissioner Ibrahim said several reports have reached his office accusing the night patrol forces for extorting civilians’ belongings during the curfew hours.    

“I warned patrol forces not to take any belonging from those violating the curfew protocol.We have received reports that some few individuals from the patrolling team take items from people such as mobile phones and money which is unprofessional according to the government rules,” Ibrahim condemned.

He added that he called on public to respect the curfew hours to allow the patrolling teams do their work.     

Hussein further confirmed that security of the County was relatively calm, but regretted that those having guns had taken advantage of their fire arms to robe, attack, and shoot people at night which has somehow destabilized and caused panic amongst the community.  

The commissioner called for a peaceful means of settling differences rather than killing as he vowed to put an end to that act saying Yambio County would not tolerate any evil doings.

In a related development, the commissioner called on the youth of Yambio county to register and join the reunified forces at Maridi training center in order to graduate together to defend the state. He assured the public of the county’s commitment to maintain peace and stability so that people could go about their daily business without fear. 

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