Security and the public must work closer

It is encouraging to note from the State authorities in Wau that relationship between the security organs and the public had improved. This is what is expected of all security forces both National and States. Their first and foremost assignments are to protect the public and their property, be it internal or external aggression. Time and again we have heard cases where the men mandated to carry guns have turned the same weapons against their own armless and innocent members of the public. If Wau can do it other insecure areas like Kajo-Keji, Malakal, Bor, Torit, Boma and Terekeka among others, can also do it. The security organs have a long way to learn decency and put sanity in the force, but they have reasons to behave gentlemanly to those who employed them, the general public. It is also heartening that some men in uniform, who had been allegedly implicated in the rape of women and girls they were meant to protect, have been taken to the law enforcement to face and answer for their crime. This should be a lesson that none of them is above this country’s laws and constitution. The various security organs in the country should be taught to be people’s brothers and sisters. Not feared forces that cannot be trusted and be respected by all. In other countries, school children, the old and women will feel safe in the presence of the uniformed officers who at times guide them to school or help them cross highways and roads. They escort even drunkard motorists to their homes after packing their vehicles in guarded areas for take the following day. They keep drunkards safe until the following day in cells to be released to go home sober. This cannot be said of our security forces. This is the way to which our forces should focus their attention and move towards for better public- security organs relationship.

Editorial 30th May 2017

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