It is commendable to appreciate the government for endeavoring to secure certificates for the students who studied in Zimbabwe where their documents were withheld for nearly two years after they graduated.

Great congratulations to the graduands for being patient this long. Though this has taken time and seemingly disorganized plans they had at hand, their hopes should not fade away in one way or the other. But rather it’s time to pick up and start strategizing priorities on whatever they had supposedly planned earlier to do. It is never late to pursue ambitions one intend to execute. They say better late than never. As they received the documents with relief, they should be patriotic and ready to contribute to the nation building. There is no graduate who is doomed to redundancy rather they should be creative instead of focusing on government jobs allocation. In the present world of technology they should   set their minds in creating ideas that would lead to jobs creation. They should use their knowledge and skills to bring about transformation not only at a personal level but as well at national level. Many at times blames are hauled on the government for not creating jobs meant to accommodate new graduates who can exercise their skills to build the nation. Whenever, there are students on government scholarship abroad, the government should take into consideration their needs as paramount rather than undermining their concerns. If such scenarios continuedthen many students would be discouraged to go for studies outside the country. It was not only the students who studied in Zimbabwe who had problem relating to school fees likewise students who were in Ethiopia had almost the same issue. The needs of students studying abroad should always be seriously catered for.

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