Secondary School examination marking kicks off

By Atimaku Joan

The South SudanSecondary School NationalExaminationCouncil which marks exams is set to kick off the examination marking process.

Speaking to the media yesterday, the Acting Chairperson for National Council of Examinations, Martin Tako Moi revealed that the team of the National Examination Council were to start the process of marking today.

“We will kick off the process as from tomorrow, it is in stages as most of you know,” said Tako Moi.

He said that the National Council wouldbe divided into different teams and the first team wouldstart the process by sorting the papers to establish the number of missing papers.If none of the students who sat for the exams had missing results, this would be followed by a scientific system of attaching a code to each name of students to avoid marking with interest, he said.

The acting Chairpersonof the council said that exams marking had been delayed due to lack of funds to expedite the marking process as there was need to pay the marking team.

He also revealed that the government yesterday handed out money to their council to ensure that marking took place.

Martin Tako Moi added that he had directed the examination council to ensure that they could be able towork during weekendsin order to produce results in the shortest time possible.

He elaborated that the National Council of Examination wouldbe comprised of all the officials in the Ministry of Education and experienced contributors to make the final marking successful.

The Acting Chairperson for National Council of Examinations encouraged the students who would be able to make it through to apply for scholarship offered to the students within the country.

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