Second phase of polio vaccination begins

Dr .Anthony Laku Kirback, Director of Expanded Programme on Immunization

(EPI) in the Ministry of Health (Photo: Martha David)

By Martha David

The national Ministry of Health in partnership with UNICEF, WHO and Global Alliance for vaccines GAVI has started a nationwide vaccination against polio.

In an interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, the Director for EPI in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Anthony Laku Kirback said the Ministry of Health is conducting this campaign according to the Global strategic plan to eradicate polio around the world.

He appealed to all parents and guardians to vaccinate their children against polio to ensure the country is free from preventable diseases.

Anthony stated that the oral polio vaccine will be given to children from birth to 59 months from house to house.

At least three million children are targeted in the vaccination campaign.

“We are intending to cover three million children from birth to 59 months and will be administered together with vitamin A supplements for children and also administered with pentazole tablets which are intended for deworming from this age group,” Dr. Anthony said.

He explained that preparation for the polio campaign started earlier this year. He said the first round ended, and that the second and third rounds will be in carried out November.

“We want to reach every child with vaccination so that we meet the targeted time for polio eradication together with the rest of the world,” Dr. Anthony added.

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