SEALED-The 50M mahogany deal

By Baraka John

The Governor of Western Equatoria State, Alfred Futiyo Karaba said the National Ministry of Environment has agreed to allow TODAF Engineering Company to proceed with cutting of 50 million mahogany trees project as signed earlier this month by the state government and the company.

Governor Futiyosaid the matter was resolved in the office of the Cabinet Affairs Minister Dr.Martin EliaLomuro.

He added that TODAF Company was directed to obtain legal documents at the Ministry of Environment before beginning thework.

“We have agreed there is no more problem again, TODAF Company will come back again and we shall sit down to organize how to begin the implementation of this project, this company met me yesterday (Thursday) in Juba and they said the work of construction will soon begin with construction of the State parliament houseas well as rehabilitatingGangura road to Napiapai bordering DR Congo,” Governor Futiyo said.

The governor was addressing government state officials and members of political parties at Yambio airstripupon arrival from Juba on Thursday.

He accused some elites in and outside the State for working against the state developmental agenda.

Two weeks ago, the national Ministry of Environment and Forestry suspended the project indefinitely and summoned the company contracted to execute the project saying the agreement was illegal while the company didn’t obtain legal documents from the central government.

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