Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

The truth is that in the media world journalists have been faced with moribund of problems from people who perceive them to be permanent enemies. In most instances they have died or killed by guns while their only tools of trade remained their notebooks, pens or cameras. As the world yesterday commemorated the International Day to End Impunity of Crime Against Journalists under the theme countering threats of violence and crime against journalists to protect freedom of expression for all, it should be remembered that cases of humiliations, intimidation and harassments remained high without properly being addressed. There have been reported cases of disappearance without trace. The best journalists representations could do at such points was to make noise and shout. Some cases have been resolved worldwide with such action but majority remained covered under the carpet. It is wrong for an armed person in the name of security operative to shoot to kill someone who is only struggling with note-book and a pen or a camera which are the main tool of trade for both print and electronic media. Time has come that all   key players in the media world should come out with a formula that would see harmony and understanding instilled in the people and among the people of different professional background. In the local background it must be appreciated that while indeed there were still more to be done, the coming of Media Authority into focus changed a number of things. The hostilities which was the norms of the past is something which can now be discussed as the situation may dictate at one given time. It requires that all key players including the security organs should understand and draw a line of respecting the work of journalists and where there is discontent, dialogue with open mind should be handy in solving any outstanding concern from either parties. One purpose which should lead us into reality is that we are in different profession but the goal is one, to develop the country in all spree of life.In my long journey in the profession indeed l have met with a number of different situation that would have discouraged me then, but consistency, being patients and determination to excel in the profession gave me the courage to walk ahead and build myself upto now that l have done 38 years in this field makes me know no other world but journalism. The vision of that first day in the newsroom in 1983 gives me a clear picture of how l was welcomed and orientated until that time l was given the tool of work which was a typewriter a black one for that matter chained on the table. It was to be my new life for the first five years before being promoted to portable typewriter which was considered a class of its own and for the few who had made a mark in the newsroom. That time I had made one of the best mark in the investigative journalism world.

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