Scribes, Civil Society validate document on Media Advocacy

By John Agok

Over thirty participants comprised of Media personnel and Civil Society Organization (CSO) on Tuesday concluded the validation workshop and passed the document awaiting launching by UN Women.

The validation Workshop was conducted under the theme: “Media Advocacy Strategy”, geared towards shaping the debate for women stories in the society and advancing a policy in a way of using the media to exert pressure on policy-makers.

Edmund Yakani, the executive director for Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) was the main facilitator for validation workshop. He said, the document would be a guiding tool for all after being launched by UN Women.

The validated document passed by participants callsfor Trainer of Trainees (TOT) which wouldgo out to states and train people on the grassroots on Women Media Strategy to be well understood.

The document would also call for both Media houses and individual journalists to apply for grant proposals, and be able to profile women leaders and plight of women over crisis among other gender stories.

He revealed that, the document called for state awareness strategy that included Internal Leadership exchange.

“All these calls will soon happen after the launch when UN Women receive validated document”, he said.

He admitted that, journalists and media houses would be supported by UN Women cover story that promotes women in the media.

“There is going to be elections at the end of transitional period, and it is worthy for Women Leaders to shape their image in the society through media”, he added.

Yakani cautioned journalists to focus on women in the parliament to advance their agenda than women in the executive.

“Most of the media practitioners are frequently focusing on Women in the Executive rather those in the parliament. We should invest in women parliamentarians”, he said.

The validation workshop was conducted by UN Women with funding from Global Affairs Canada.

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