SCREENING -Of unified forces to kick off today

By Yiep Joseph

Screening of unified forces expected to start today in the Equatoria Region, a good step to pave way for the graduation of the forces in the nearby future.

While addressing the media yesterday, the joint media unit of the Joint Defense Board (JDB) confirmed that the screening of about 53000 registered soldiers in 18 training centers in the three regions starts today in the Central Equatoria region.

Lul Ruai Koang the spokesperson for South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF) who is also the head of the Joint Media Unit of JDB confirmed to the media that the three JDB committees for the three regions of Equatoria, Bhar El Ghazal and Upper Nile would set off for screening process today.

Lam Paul Gabriel spokesperson of the SPLA- IO confirmed that his team would start the screening today in Equatoria Region particularly in Central Equatoria state.

“To the Equatoria committee we are starting our job of screening tomorrow (Tuesday) in Garom, Rejaf and Lologo,” Lam said.

“We shall not come back without screening the soldiers, we shall first screen them” he promised.

In regard to the unified command Lam confirmed that the disagreement over the command of forces is not yet solved among the principles.

He called on the soldiers to return back to their various places in order to be part of the screening

“On the issue of unification of command, yes there has been some disagreement and I believe up to now they have not resolved it because it is at the level of the principle” Lam said.

However, LulRuaiKoang the spokesperson of the South Sudan Defense Forces (SSPDF) said that the principles initially agreed on one approach to be used as a base in the screening process.

“Let me touch the other part which is the agreement of the approach to the unification of command, initially SPLM- IO was of the opinion of using top to button approach and we were for button top, we had agreed on the letter which is starting from down going upward with the formation of the military using starting with the smallest unit that is squad all away to division and therefore, I am assuming that now the approach accepted that is the bases for us to go and do the screening reorganization and putting them(soldiers) in their formations” Lul explained.

Brig. Gen WichjangDuop spokesperson of SSOA reaffirmed his commitment toward organization of the army and urged all the soldiers to comply with the screening committee.

LulRuaiBriefed the media after the Joint Defense Board Meeting yesterday.

“The meeting today was chaired by SPLM- IO chief of general staff Lt. General Duop Lam the chair of JDB that is General Santino Deng Wol was represented by deputy chief of Defense forces and SSOA was also represented” Lul explained.

“The main purpose of the briefing was for all the three-team representing greater Equatoria, greater Bhar El Ghazal and greater upper Nile to be briefed on the need for them to immediately go to start the processes of screening reorganization and putting military formation to respective necessary unified forces” he added

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