Scrap metals business must end -Thiel

Minister of Trade and Industry Hassan Moses Thiel [L] with one of the officials (photo by Kidega Livingstone)

By Kidega Livingstone

The Minister of Trade and Industry Hassan Moses Thiel said several bridges, oil pipes and tractors were being vandalized and exported as scrap metals outside the country by some individuals.

Mr. Thiel told reporters in Juba on Monday that some South Sudanese nationals and foreigners were involved in the illegal scrap metals business. They are destroying bridges, the oil pipes and tractors that were donated by the President Kiir to boost agriculture production in the country,” he said.

According to the minister, the dismantled metals were mainly exported to the neighboring Uganda.

“The tractors which were donated by President Salva Kiir to promote agriculture and food security in the country are being vandalized which is very wrong,” Mr. Thiel said.

The statement came after some of the scraps were impounded by security personnel, among the metals confiscated included bridge metals, oil pipes, new boreholes spare parts, broken vehicles parts metal water tanks, car battery and many other metal items.

Last month the ministry issued ministerial order banning scraps metal business.

Mr. Thiel reiterated that the materials that were being considered as scraps were still useful and could be used as new spare parts.

“People should know that we are not preventing them from scrap metal business, but unregulated export of scrap metal must stop because a lot of vandalism is taking place including stealing and other illegal activities,” he said.

He warned the public against the illegal business of scrap metal.

Mr. Thiel explained that before one was engaged in scrap metal business there were international standards and procedures which needed to be followed. He said anybody dealing in scrap metal should obtain license.

Phillip Wani, a resident of Nyakuron West welcomed the initiative by the Ministry to ban the business.

“I am happy to hear that because there are some children who are coming at my place in my absence daily to collect my useful metals including some of my iron sheets, stealing them for that business,” said Wani.

Mr. Bosco a scrap dealer said that they were just dealers. “We are also being sent to buy this scrap metals and we get some money out of it depending on the tones you have bought.

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