The move by the Ministry of General Education to seek the reopening of schools throughout the country is commendable and since the proposal has been placed in front of the cabinet, it should indeed get a positive nod. Coronavirus pandemic is here and nobody knows when it will go away or allow life to come back to normal. It has caused a waste of man-power for almost a year and the consequences awaiting the school going children cannot be measured if they do not resume classes. The government must come out to make a decision which would impact positively on the young ones who have been closed or who have faced the pandemic’s lockdown for this long period of time without stepping in a classroom. The grave danger is also the gap that is being created by the presence of the virus. The difference in classes, are they going to repeat the past classes to be able to catch up with the syllabus. Indeed, there must be a firm decision to have schools reopen but with equal firm adherence to preventive measures. It is a chance which must be taken for the best interest of children who are longing to be back behind their desks in schools. The idleness which captured them out of school period also contributed to a number of un-wanton activities which would be injurious to the future generation who are now school-going age. Both Ministries of General Education and that of Health should come out with a workable formula conducive to all stake holders and key players in the education sector. For now the education docket should work hand in hand with teachers to ensure the preventive measures are put in place to avoid last minute rush and reduce congestion which might create more harm than expected cure.

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