Schools Girls receives cash to support them during Coronavirus

By Martha David

Secondary female students have started receiving cash from Ana-Fi organization to support them during the period of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Some schools in Juba have already started distributing the cash. Each girl was given, 3300 South Sudanese Pounds to help them buy the necessary items.

In Mahad Secondary , school secretary Muzamil Sadique Esmaiel said the cash was given as support for girls in all the including those in primary schools during this pandemic.

The organization has been working in South Sudan for six years now and had been supporting girls as part of their education.

“I am asking all our students in the country   to stay home and to put the precautionary measures into consideration,” Sadique advised

Night Amuna senior two students said getting the money was important for girls especially during this period of Coronavirus.

“We have a lot of needs that we cannot meet especially at this hard time of coronavirus,”

“Some families cannot afford some things sometimes because of the crisis we are in, people are looking for money for food not other needs, sometimes when you ask you cannot get or you are told, we cannot afford.”

Susy Juma senior three sciences student who also received the money on Wednesday said the cash would help girls to buy soaps and Masks and some of their needs especially at this time of the Coronavirus.

Susy appreciated the organization for the support provided and their continuous stand with the girls

She encouraged her fellow girls to receive the money and to use it for buying soaps and masks to protect themselves from COVID-19

Suhair William senior four student said the lockdown had prevented some girls from working  in order to help themselves saying the money would help a lot.

She urged all girls to think about their future and not to think of getting married earlier at this time of corona crisis

“Anyone should have a good thinking, even if you are staying at home and cooking everyday it is not bad. That is a benefit and also a learning process. Let us put our attention to education,” Suhair  added

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