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School director allots scholarship to fifteen vulnerable students

By Yiep Joseph

Director of Darling Wisdom Academy, Nursery, primary and secondary school has offered full funded scholarship to fifteen (15) vulnerable students from Jonglei state.

In a document seen by Juba Monitor yesterday, Noble Arem Riak the CEO and Managing Director of Darling Wisdom Academy appealed to three community youth associations in Jonglei state to identify fifteen (15) students with difficulties in fees payment.

He stated that three community youth associations will be the immediate beneficiaries of the scholarship adding that each association is expected to bring five (5) vulnerable students as soon as possible.

“I offer Fifteen 15 scholarship: 5 for Bor county, 5 for Twic East county and 5 for Duk county,” Riak said.

“The scholarship is meant to help those students who have interest in learning but have no parents to pay fees for them, therefore, I urge the above associations to only bring those who are vulnerable and academically strong,” he added.

He also revealed that Twic East, Bor and Duk county youth Associations will be responsible for the selection of the students however, the overall supervision will be done by Greater Bor youth Association office in Juba.

He mentioned that the scholarship will last for four years starting from senior one to senior four.

He promised to meet the community youth Associations for briefing in this week at the Pentagon campus Darling wisdom Academy.

“I invite the three chairpersons from the above Associations to join me at Darling Wisdom Academy premises for briefing within this week,” he said.

Many people from Jonglei state welcomed the move and urged the other schools to also replicate the same initiative of offering chances for students to study free.

MajokMakol, amember of Greater Bor community in Juba mentioned that many students end their education after primary eight (8) due to lack of fees.

He appreciated the administration of Darling Wisdom Academy and urged them to increase the number where necessary in order for scholarship to reach and benefit our communities in the state.

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