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With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

Time is coming that the cause which have eluded the African continent over centenary may soon come to roast.I was following the recent African Investment Forum Panel that future Paul Kagame, Cyril Ramaphosa, Nana Akufo-Addo and de Rosario Their recourse was how Africa can remain independent and self-reliance without looking for help from. Outside. I did talk yesterday in this same column about what can possibly make this continent tick on with its own enormous natural wealth. My first take was that unity among leaders are paramount to bring socio-economy closer to the people. Respect and freedom of individuals should take shape without conditions. I am in that skull of thought whenever l think of the well-being  of this beautiful continent which has been looted time and again but the natural resources remained intact begging for total use by the indigenous who are the rightful owners. It takes me back to remember what Addo who is the President of Ghana told students gathering while on overseas visit. Like the late Robert (Bob) Mugabe he had a lot of good things to say about the continent and did not minced his words when it came to matters pertaining to the continent irrespective of where he was or what he was doing at that particular moment, Africa was all in his heart. How many are of the same vision and mission of these noble thinking and wordsof wisdom intended to build-up the future of the continent. From East to West, North to South, the language is the same “leave African problems for African solution” Many of our brothers have died, some misled into causing havocs in their motherlands while the perpetrators sits akimbo with legs high on suspended seats watching and smiling, planning and thinking on the move how the crisis would continue. In This country, the natural resources and natural bueaty surpasses those in the foreign lands. One should ask oneself why many people who cross to Africa do not want to go back to their countries. Did you know that there are countries of the world without a single sunshine a day or night and if any only for few hours unlike Africa which has all the wildlife, the big five, flora and fauna, beautiful rivers , lakes and partly oceans. The second longest river in the world is found in Africa, actually, in this country. How are we blessed and not seeing or using the blessing. Why do we become mean to ourselves and not seeing the abundance of the best we have to put them into good use? How do we want good to take us that he gave us all but we are not using them properly. Africa must stand up to be counted and must remain proud of being the best in the world. We have brains that can make us walk tall all the time and relevant to any situation. Let us not be doctrine by what are not ours, leaving ours for grabs.(See also Page 7)

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