Save us your children


This world seems to hate us

It is occupied with evil temptation

We born into it and endured the throbbing miseries

Some authoritative humans chasten us

With inequality and physical torture

We are chased away from our shelters

Now living in dispersion and forgetting our cultures

There is lack of food so we become like vultures

What shall we do if the world is running away from us?

The agony we live in is hot like fire

The poverty is becoming higher

Who is to stand with us when we need help?

Who will pay our school fees?

Who will reduce the prices of goods?

Where should we get some foods?

Who will bring transport such that we don’t move on foot?

We need to go school, and learn books

And to gain knowledge about the world we exist

We need our parents and the leaders to care for us

But our demands are not met

The world must listen and answer our demands

We did not come into this world by mistake

But why are our devotions fading away?

Why are we getting rejected?

Why are we being neglected?

Those who gave birth to us must think of the reasons

why they brought us into this world

Where are our dear mothers and fathers?

Did you unite as partners by mistake only to produce?

Do you truly love and care for us?

Are you near and pitiable to wipe our painful tears?

You know the reason why you brought us here.

We wish you did not produce for the sake of harmony mating.

How do you feel when you don’t provide the basic needs for your dear children of your womb?

How do you feel when your child goes out and terribly survive on the street?

We are so innocent not knowing what we have done at all to wage the bondage

Just virtuous faces and souls

See how we are chasing the life. Please be our good parents, guardians and leaders.

Show us the right future and we shall make things better.

The Heaven of salvation will open

And we, the isolated, marginalized and traumatized young people

who have no power will prosper in the future.


The poet/writer is a high school student

Email: akol.akol49@gmail.com

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