Save us Mr. IGP

It was just a few days ago when we reported about rogue traffic officers who are tarnishing the image of the security organs. It is not even one week later than we are in another dilemma. This time around, it is the police manning the check points. They have become so greedy, worse than the traffic guys.

You should consider yourself unlucky if you fall victim. They will stop you and instead of doing their routine checks they fabricate offences, snatch your car keys and demand for 3,000 SSP.

This seems to be the trend with our officers which is highly wrong, a violation of their oath to uphold the law. Citizens have lost trust in the security organs that are meant to protect them. They are now abusing their right and harassing innocent civilians in the name of the law. They intimidate people with their badges and go ahead to demand for money. If you give it to them you are not certain that tomorrow or any other day that they won’t repeat the same.

It is high time Mr. IGP that you crack the whip on rogue officers who are tarnishing the image and reputation of the force. Mr. IGP, the civilians are looking up to you to save them from this menace. They are your children and are seeking guidance and intervention from you.

It would be a shame if you turned your back on them but knowing you and the trust bestowed upon you by the President, I am certain you will do your best to transform the police force.

I understand there are a lot of challenges when you are in a position of power. You cannot please everyone. All you can do is perform your duties to the best of your ability and pray to God that things become better.

Mr. IGP, the civilians ask for no favors but for you to save them from rogue officers. It is what we do in our positions of power that counts. We all need to leave a positive mark on this world. Please sir, let your legacy be that of transforming and cleansing of the organized forces for generations to come!


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