Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

I want to quote a good friend of mine who told me a story of what happened when they met to have their evening out. “We were having an evening with friends of our always nothing topic but the obvious one. That one l leave for you to guess and see if yours fits mine. A young man who was recently employed not because he was the best but because he had an uncle or a relative somewhere who pushed his way up to join the lucrative position. So the young man found some friends of his sitting next to us and started chest-thumping and boasted how he did not go to work that day and nobody in that office who is on his right senses could ask him why. “Hey man when l feel like not going l just pick this thing (phone) and create any excuse whether family domestic or anything that could let me rest that”. My mood was running out and l said it loud to him. Young man what you think you are. We are struggling to make a better and prosperous future for you people and this is the kind of what we get in result’. Look at us tomorrow we are gone not there and you are all our expectations and because you got a chance which another needy person did get does not give you the right to abuse that office. My friends cooled me down and the young man felt so ashamed in front of his friends that he had to leave silently” What would be your take. Mine as one who also loves the youth and wat them to move up the ladder appropriately and run the affairs of the country, l wish to state that the failure of proper upbringing starts from the inside the family house. This is where children should be molded and disciplined to the outside world. It has to start with the well-mannered and well-behaved where everything is required to be in order. Above all children must be given the most attention they required instead of leaving them to housemaid while most parents have decided that schools and teachers should take their parental responsibilities in bringing up their little one. A disciplined society needs disciplined young men and women. It must be accepted that parents have their own role that they cannot handover to anyone teachers and schools included. Teachers have their own within the school administration. None of these should be allowed to over-do the other but be harmonized and collaborated to bring an up-right society. I am of the opinion that some of us parents are negating their responsibilities and running away with a cover face to shield away the shame they had caused to their own families and the country at large. If this happened, l believe people like my friend who was annoyed by the young-man’s out-bust to be saved the agony.

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