It is high time the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should tell the actual position of the 500 youth who are now said to have escaped detention in where they were being held by the Libya militia who are against the government. These youth had a reason to leave wherever they were in search of greener pasture in Europe. They did not make it as they had planned before then after being arrested and detained by the militia who had been demanding money from their parents and relatives. Their fate was brought to limelight by an activist Achol Malong who reported the their ordeal to the South Sudan Embassy in Khartoum after sequences of what has been described as “dangerous Journey” across the seas where hundreds have been reported to have perished when trying the same journey. It is good to try and have something reasonable for the future. It is good to be able to live comfortably and within the means available to one. This is why questions abound are many with few answers. What ought to have been done was to find out the exact position and condition of these youth who are said to be over 500. It is within the docket of Foreign Affairs to inform the public of what is happening to the citizens in foreign countries. It is like when some top officials of the ministry are out of the country then nothing seems to be moving forward in the name of no information can be obtained which sends wrong signal to the outside world. If so then it is a wrong way of handling protocol which must change with time. The fate of 500 youth struggling to cross the seas after the nasty experience they had in Libya should be addressed without further delay.

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