The prices hike of basic commodities in the markets is unfortunate situation to bear. It is coming at a time when so many things have fallen apart as the economic down drain stare fixed in the eyes of the consumers. More unfortunate because the border-points still remained locked or closed up for in and out movements of persons and goods. The situation is further worsened with the dwindling of the SSP against the dollar. Foodstuff and other basics are already out of reach to many families who sometimes end up with if any, one meal a day. In other parts of the country, the situation is further compounded with the floods which has left hundreds homeless and in need of humanitarian assistance. Time has come even though affected with the spread of dreaded coronavirus, for other plans to be put in place. Farming should be taken as the first priority if the country was to stand on its own feet again. Wastage of river and rain water should be minimized and be used for food production. There should be agricultural experts who should be out in the field advising farmers on what to grow and when instead of being dependence on the outside world. The fertile large track of land with enormous rich resources can be turned around with collective commitments to have and address the food insecurity which seems to be persistence all time around. It would equally bring to an end the skyrocketing prices since most of the basic food would be produced locally. The issue of foreign currency would not be applied because there would be very little need for it in the local market transaction. More important, the authorities should come out to tame the ever basic commodities price increase which is being done at the whim of the traders without caring the plight of the common-man.

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