Sanctions a threat to presidency -Dr. Abraham

By: Kidega Livingstone

Political Analyst, who doubles as the Dean at School of Social and Economic Studies scholar on United State Foreign Policy, said U.S sanction on First Vice President Taban Deng was a threat to the presidency.

Dr. Abraham Kuol Nyuon described the sanction as “the highest sanctions in the country” as it has reached the presidency.

“This sanction shows that the whole government will be shaken and the idea of what we called the regime change is now almost coming to reality because if you see things getting to Presidency that means if the issue of Taban Deng Gai is not handled well then the next issue is now going to be the President which might be the next target,” said Dr. Abraham.

On Wednesday, the U.S Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) slapped the First Vice President Taban Deng with sanction, accusing him of ordering the deaths of two opposition leaders the allegation which he termed as “baseless.”

However, Dr. Abraham said the sanction came as a result of things that were done during the peace process or before the peace agreement that was signed in 2018.

“This sanction acts as a remainder to the leaders and is becoming a stumbling block to the current peace agreement,” said Dr. Abraham.

He emphasized that United States wanted to make sure that  South Sudan become a stable country because US is believed to be one of the countries that brought South Sudan to independence.

“As a result, United States wants to continue to make sure that the child should continue to be stable, .United States always angered by the people who are always trying to create instability within this country and that is why they used sanction as a tool of trying to pressure the leaders to do the work the way United states did.”

Dr. Abraham said the sanction against Taban is a surprise to the government because Taban was seen as the only person whom the people believed his role helped in building a bridge between Juba and Washington DC.

“For the last three years Taban has been working very hard to make sure that the bridge is well amended and is put very well and it could be able to put in place the relationship between the government of South Sudan and the United States,” he said.

“His sanction is going to create a very big kind of confusion within the government because the government will not be able to know what to do next because the bridge has collapsed,” he added.

He advised that the sanction should not panic the government instead they should be able to put their house in order.

“What does that thing mean, it means trying to get committed to the implementation of the current peace agreement and it means that they should be able to compromise on the 32 states and security arrangement so that both parties will be able to come together so that they can form the government of national Unity on time,” said Dr. Abraham.

According the statement by Deputy Treasury Secretary Justin Muzinich “Taban Deng Gai’s attempt to silence the opposition party is derailing the country’s ability to implement a peace agreement.”

“The United States calls on all nations to exclude from the international financial system those who jeopardize South Sudan’s future.”
Treasury sanctions freeze any cash or assets held in US territory and block access to the American financial system, which also typically impedes use of international banks that do business in the United States.
the Treasury on December 10 sanctioned five other individuals responsible for the “extrajudicial killings.”

Washington last month also slapped sanctions on two South Sudan ministers, accusing them of obstructing a peace accord signed in 2018 that has paused, but not resolved, five years of conflict.
“The US government will not hesitate to target those who have perpetuated the conflict in South Sudan and will continue to apply pressure on the senior leadership of South Sudan to take concrete measures to bring peace and stability to the country,” the US Treasury said Wednesday.

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