Samples of the mysterious disease referred to Kampala

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The country’s Public Health Laboratory has referred the samples of the mystery disease outbreak in Raja County of Western Bahr-el-Ghazal to Kampala after executing its primary investigations in Juba.

Dr. John Rumunu, the Director General for Preventive Health Services at the Health Ministry said the studied samples had neither shown hemorrhagic fevers nor Ebola outbreak in the country as it was alleged.

“But there are other diseases that present with fever, body pain, bleeding and so forth; so more investigations will be done to actually establish the cause of that mystery,” he said in a briefing.

According to the official, the cause of the mysterious disease would still be exposed.

Dr. Angelo Goup Thon, the acting Director of Public Health Emergency Operations Center disclosed the examined samples were shifted to Kampala for toxicology analysis which is not available in Juba.   

“So, Ugandan Viral Laboratory basically the (UBRI) will further look for other possible causes like poison. They are going to do toxicology analysis to rule out the cause,” the health official explained. 

Dr. Angelo said the referred samples results might be ready in the next two to three days depending on the nature of the examinations to be carried out by Ugandan’s laboratory counterpart.

On 5th October, at least three people died of the mystery outbreak in Ser-Malaka area of Raja County as 127 similar cases were reported. 

The samples of the three deceased could not be obtained last week since they were buried before the arrival of the medical team.

As a result, the samples of two critical ill patients were brought to Juba for examinations; but the Public Health officials are yet to establish the cause.

Information on the ground indicates that the population in Raja could depend on bush meats as a source of feeding since the area is hard to reach.

Dr. Angelo affirmed the same information was also revealed by the Rapid Response Team who traveled to the site last week. 

He cited that the possibility that infected animals might have been consumed by the deceased and other patients could be high. 

“So it could be animal that was bite by snake or something else, otherwise these are analysis we expect our neighboring laboratory to do as we wait for the results from Uganda,” Angelo stated. 

As soon as possible, the cause of the mishap would be disclosed once discovered according to health authorities.

“But what is imperative is that we have executed viral hemorrhagic fevers test which was our alleged, and there it wasn’t the one so we will update the public on the final explanation,” the Health Ministry said in a statement.

The Health Ministry added that the medical team will continue to establish the causes of the unfortunate incident in Raja County of Western Bahr-el-Ghazal region.

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