Within a day of the first confirmed case of Coronavirus in the country, 34 people who had been in contact with her have been identified and their samples taken for testing while being kept in isolation until the results are proved otherwise. It is kudos to the government Taskforce for the speed and well-done work up to now. The team should not relent in providing this important service to the nation. It is even more reassuring that four other different cases detected locally from parts of the country are also being tested for the virus. The taskforce should not leave anything to chances regardless of who or what stand on their way while discharging public service to the country and the citizens. The public stands to help the team by providing truth and only the truth without coating or taking it upon themselves to create situation which can derail the fight against COVID’19. This disease is real and only accurate and true information could help in the fight of prevention and protection of the vulnerable citizens against the dreaded coronavirus. Politics and innuendoes must be put aside at this time when what is needed to help the government keep keen watch against the disease is collective approach and self-preservation which has been outlined clearly in the guideline on the fight against the virus. It is reported that the first case was detected after the arrival of the victim a month and some days ago. It could be possible that the contacts with the victim could surpass the already identified numbers. This must be kept under check and balance because there should be proper accounting for the country to enable the authorities charged to fight the virus accordingly. It has come to be that the public must adhere to the government requirements towards controlling and achieving the results for the good of every citizen.

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