Editorial and commentary


With Odongo Odoyo

Tomorrow all over the world women will be celebrating their international day. The celebrations should be marked with and or by achievements so far made. Our own will be included, but would they account for their achievements apart from the many sensitizing workshops and seminars. Although they bear the burden of the five years conflicts, have they come to terms to ensure peace is preached in all parts of the country? Some of the elite among the womenfolk are known to be grappling and fighting for positions instead of orchestrating the cause of their own which would see peace exist among different communities. They have been holding a number of seminars and workshops whose outcome is only best known to them. Since the peace agreement was signed and a slot of 35 percent proposed for them, our women seems to have forgotten their noble responsibilities of being mothers and home keepers and instead, have taken to the centre stage of preaching the percentage than peace. It is not bad to articulate their cause in the political or social arena, but it should be of paramount to know that in every society women are peace makers and their concerns are taken seriously. As the world join in the celebration of the international day, they should be made to know and understand that a lot awaits them in their backyard. The society will only succeed if the womenfolk join hands together to understand their role and to ensure the continuity in their homes. In all they should address the current gender disparity in the society not individual ego.

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