Salary arrears should be given out in abundance

Taking into account that this month is December, the government should pay salaries for at least 3 months to the civil servants to enable them to cater for Christmas celebrations. Yesterday’s announcement by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning to give out salaries before Christmas has boosted the depolarizing curves of hopes of the civil servants and the business community whose commodities are awaiting the soon-to-be-salaried civil servants. It is said that the civil servants use to receive salaries of the past year in the present year because of delay in payment by the government, and so, this setting is of great repercussions and should be rectified by the new Minister of Finance and Economic Planning. If three months’ salaries are paid to the civil servants now, they will be able to buy Christmas clothes and pay their debts borrowed during the period they have been waiting for the salary. If South Sudan is to be fixed firmly, then the recently increased salary structure and its regular payment to the civil servants should be implemented by the government so that the hungry and angry civil servants find no other predisposing factors to hunger and anger than withholding their salaries. If the wildness of the civil servants in their day to day activities is to be halted, then give them their salaries on a monthly basis because anger is swallowed. It is the hunger that causes anger and the only possible solution is to regularize the salaries of the civil servants. The government is unaware that the regular payment of the civil servants helps in the reduction of crimes and cases of gender-based violence because some of the crimes often committed are engineered by hunger whereas 90% of GBV cases among spouses, or even among boyfriends and girlfriends, are caused by lack of salaries to pay for livings. Because all the doors of survival are opened wider by earnings, countries, where earnings are withheld for a number of months, are listed among countries with rates of crimes and GBV cases. With enough salaries being paid to the civil servants, strikes and worries about how to welcome the New Year bare-handedly would be brought to an end.    

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