Salaam School marks the third triumph in national exams

By James Atem Kuir

Salaam Group of Schools had just seen its primary section triumphed for the third year in a row,in the recently released Certificate of Primary Education (CPE) examination results.

The 91 p.8 pupils who sat for the delayed 2020 CPE national exams succeeded with flying colours, with the best pupil scoring 435out of 500 (87%) while the least reaped312 (62.4%).

Established in 2017 as Private-Community based Learning Institution, the School had their first p.8batchsat for the national exams in 2018 and emerged victorious, taking two positions of the top 10 bests nationwide.

The School had since established pre-primary and secondary sections, which are all located in the Juba’s outskirt of Gumbo-Sherikat.

“This School has been doing well since 2018. We had two pupils who appeared in the top 10 best nationwide. We also dominated the then Jubek State top 10 best results. We had six of our pupils in the top 10 that same year,” stated Kuol James Pat, the Managing Director of Salaam Groups of Schools.

Mr. Pat who spoke to Juba Monitor in an exclusive interview on Friday, also said his Secondary School was ranked the second in 2019.

“We have done well again this year, all our p.8 candidates passed. Though we did not make it to the top 10 this year, none of our candidates failed. We are hoping for the same for our Secondary School as we wait for results,” he added.

KutGabriel Buolthe Headmaster of the Primary School said, determination and hard work from teachers have always been the driving force behind the success of the school.

‘‘Guided by our vision to deliver quality education, we strive harder to always be the best we can,” he said.

He also stated that the provision of breakfast and lunch by the School has greatly enhanced learners’ performance by reducing the amount of time they spend going to look for lunch and increasing the time they spend concentrating on their books.

He further added that the school has also provided transport for learners, making arrival and delivery of lessons timely.

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