A foot for thought

Safety of female journalists is not adequate

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

It was found that the safety of female journalists is threatened in African countries. Female journalists were been mistreated in media houses where they are working. They were getting severe threats during the coverage and in the media houses where they are working especially for media houses that all editors and managers are male journalists. It has become a chance to them to harass female journalists in the newsrooms. In other countries, individuals groups are part of threat to female journalists. However, you need to take care of female journalists and treat them like your sisters and wives.

Some of them were married, have children and need to be respected.

Better to encourage them than discourage in career, the culture that journalism is for men are to be taken out from our minds. Female journalists could be assigned in the same events that male can do. At the end of the day what is needed is quality of news for public.

On the other hand, female journalists should take care of themselves;they should report what are happening to them in daily bases. When going to the field, would analyses the situation. See who arethreatening them, mostly in what kind of events.

They should cooperate with security in the field; follow what they were told to do. Sometimes become aggressive to them with authorities in the countries, they need to handle their work in professional manner to reduce threats they are facing.

Journalists generally should take safety for themselves, other situations arise accidentally without their notice, and in such condition, they need to analysis the situation and act accordingly. Everybody need safety in his or her lives, other safety is personal starts from home and in the place of work. It is not only for female journalists, but all of us are to learn how to take care of ourselves when we are still alive in this world.

Above all, ask for protection from God, because He is the one giving us lives and our safety is in His hands.

May God bless us all.

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