The Government has assured the humanitarian workers that they will be safe and move freely in the country during the cause of their duties. This assurance has been long overdue and wanting because a number of fatal cases have taken place scaring major stakeholders and key players to if not completely, abandon their operations at the expense of the affected and needy population. Minister Hussein Mar Nyuot for Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management spelt on behalf of the Government out the security arrangements for aid workers throughout the country. Movement of basic necessity to parts of the rural areas where hunger and lack of daily required commodities are very vital in saving lives of the needy. Let us hope and trust that attack by unknown gunmen or ambushes of vehicles ferrying goods and items to these parts will be a thing of the past if the security arrangements and orders are followed. It will be of importance to see life coming back to normal and security intensified not only for aid workers but the general public at large to enable everyone go about his/her business without fear. If we go by the Government security arrangements, the country could be removed from the world ranking as one of the most dangerous place for aid workers. The acting Humanitarian Coordinator, Serge Tissot had been quoted as terming this country as dangerous where at least 82 aid workers had been killed since 2013 of which 15 of them this year alone. This is not a small number and it is with this concern that the Government has taken measures to ensure safety for all and for the humanitarian workers to continue providing assistance. Let this assurance be real and the safety of all is taken care of. This is what everyone is longing for. Peaceful co-existence



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