Safety and freedom needed during National Dialogue

Citizens are urging the government to ensure safety and freedom of expression during the National Dialogue sessions.

A resident of Juba Nabari, Stephen Ismail said there should be protection and freedom of expression for all so that they can be able to interact freely and speak out their grievances amicably.

“This time the national dialogue should solve all our grievances and suffering in the country,” Ismail said. “We are ready for the dialogue and we need peace. We are tired of war because it has destroyed all our properties and lives,” he added.

Another resident in Gudele Rose Juan Laku said the issue of the economic crisis should also be well addressed, saying issues of famine and other services are included.

Mrs. Laku appealed to the government to take care of the widows and orphans who are left helpless without anyone to supports them in education for their children, health and food.

“The idea of the national dialogue is welcomed but the government needs to be serious because without peace thing will not progress well since everything has been destroyed. Peace is important,” she said.

Earlier, The Undersecretary in the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Gatwick Peter Kulang called on the citizens to embrace the national dialogue saying it was the only thing that would unite the country.

He said the conflict had affected humanitarian activities and due to the insecurity they had not been able to reach other states that are in need assistance.

However, Kulang said the initiative taken up by the First Vice President, Taban Deng Gai had improved the security between Boma, Terekeka  and Jonglie states.

“Gai and his team were able to bring the Terekeka, Jonglei and Boma states together for dialogue and this initiative has paved ways for easy delivery of aid to the famine affected areas,” Kulang said.

By Rose Keji Benjamin

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