S. Sudanese’s house caught fire

By Martin Manyiel Wugol in Kampala

Ahouse of a South Sudanesenational by the name Mayor Dut Meen living in Kampala partially got burnedlast week.

The fire is reported to have beencaused by electric light bulb that got burnt due to technical fault.

The fire outbreak occurred when familymembers were still watching movies downstairs atthe verandas.

According to the family statement, no life was lost but properties got burned beyond recognition.

Pastor AlualAterMajiang wife to Mayor DutMeen called on the church to pray for her family because such calamities do not happen without a reasons, adding that prayers from congregation would avert the intended problems and turn it into blessing for the family. 

Madam Alual Ater thanked South Sudanese communities living in Uganda who stood with her family.

Pastor Alual appealed to well-wishers to pray for the family against such problems..

Pastor Alual Ater serving at Episcopal Church of South Sudan in Uganda thanked Uganda police and fire brigade for their immediate action and  forputting off the fire.

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