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S. Sudanese students in Uganda holds Cultural competition

South Sudanese Students Union in Uganda held Cultural competition festival that brought together nine different cultural groups. The festival was organized in support of the National Dialogue as a core value of our national unity.

In his remarks guest of honour, former Managing Director of Nilepet James Thel-Weng Mathiang Rok said South Sudanese students in Uganda should be united to act as agents of peace and harmony among our various communities.

Mr. Rok hailed President Salva Kiir for the opportunity he had given him to serve as Managing Directorof NilePet saying his removal as the Managing Director of Nilepet was a normal thing. He wished his successor a good job.

Meanwhile, South Sudanese Ambassador to Uganda Samuel Luate called on the citizens to denounce the culture of violence and learn how to love one another, “If you don’t want the coexistence of South Sudanese communities in peace and harmony I personally advice you to go to hell”.

William Kumbai, the President of South Sudanese Students Union in Uganda has appealed to his colleagues in the entire East Africa region to be ambassadors of peace and symbol of national unity among their fellow citizens.

“Ifwe shall only be known as peace loving people unless we surprise the world by denouncing the ongoing senseless war in our country,” he said. “Fellow citizens it is now the right time to resolve our political differences amicably before world declare us trouble makers,” Kumbai.

The Cultural competition was attended by nine community cultural groups including Malual Buoth Anyar, Acholi, Bor, Shilluk, Tonj, Zande , Rumbek, Nuer and Bari communities. The Malual Buoth Anyar cultural group was give one bull as an appreciation for winning the competition meanwhile Acholi cultural group got two goats for emerging in the second position.

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