S. Sudanese shouldn’t discriminate along tribal lines -Singer

By Mandela Nelson Denis

For a South Sudanese who grew up in the camp and has witnessed the negative impact of tribalism, a singer by the names of Yaya Kuaja in his song ”Junubin” is urging the youth  not to discriminate themselves along tribal lines, but rather unite for the better of South Sudan.

Though based in Kampala (Uganda) where majority South Sudanese are residing, Yaya Kuaja Lual while speaking to Juba Monitor said that he as a great role to play in promoting peace and unity through his music.

The singer explained that “Junubin” song came as a result of him witnessing several young people discriminating themselves along tribal lines, the move he described as the worst.

“We the youth  have a role to play in changing the country positively, we have the energy to promote peace and unity amongst oursheleves,we should never accept to be used to fight against each other, rather, we should unite and work together to change the suffering  of our people, through peace building activities,”  Mr. Yaya said.

“Junubin”come as the singer’s first album, which he said he did mainly to bridge the gap created by bad politics and tribalism amongst the different tribes in South Sudan.

The song calls for a peaceful co-existence for development and transformation of the youngest nation to become free of corruption and tribalism.

Mr. Yaya started doing active music in 2006, while in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. He however called for peace as to him it is the only way that the music industry can develop rapidly.

Mr. Yaka is also known for the “Mama” Album that appreciates the efforts of mothers in producing and upbringing of children to be great leaders. “Mama is my second album since I started music; it basically appreciates mothers all over the world and also advocates for their respect and care,” Mr. Yaya told Juba Monitor by phone from Kampala.

Mr. Yaya is just amongst the many South Sudanese artists who are based in Kampala trying to expose their music to the East African market. The other South Sudanese artists who are currently residing in Kampala include; Sliver X, Lil Beezy, the Ghetto Survivors and others.



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