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S. Sudanese refugee in Uganda survives an accident

By Martin Manyiel Wugol.

Deborah AgokWangkuei, a refugee living in Uganda, survived a BodaBoda road accident in Kampala while she was on her way back from attending Church service.

 The accident left her with a broken leg, some bruises on her hand and on her eyes.

The community leaders of Akot Youth leadership in Kampala Elizabeth Adak Maluak and the Former Chairman of Akot Youth Leadership Thon Majok Ghol thanked the community for the support they rendered to the woman.

“The Agarcommunity members both in diaspora and back home entirely contributed their support to clear the hospital bill in Nsambya hospital where Mama Deborah AgokWangkueihas been receiving treatment for the last four days.

The family of Deborah Agok Wangkuei, through her sonMalou Magol Kon who is a student in Uganda while looking after his sick mother before the accident happened, said that the woman was from Church on Sunday when the accident occurred

Upon arrival, she was taken for an emergency operation at Nsambya hospital and she is now out of danger and the medical bill amounted to 7,600,000 Uganda shillings which was contributed by members of her community.

The family thanked God for the generosity of the doctors who accepted to carry out the operation with conditions of paying such a huge amount of money after the operation. The family equally thanked people who sent their support and people who offered their prayers during this difficult time. We appreciated you wholeheartedly meanwhile urging general public and well-wishers to continue giving in their helping hands since the final bill of complete operation of the fractured leg was not paid, therefore family called on members of Rumbek community to continue supporting the family.

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