S. Sudanese in Uganda express joy for Independence Day

By Martin Manyiel Wugol in Kampala

Sharing positive views of independence South Sudanese residing in Kampala expressed their joy and still believe political leadership have constitutional mandate to establish peace and reconcile citizens as a result of long political conflict in the country.

Mrs. Mandera Florence Silver, said republic of South Sudan is the greatest country in the continent of Africa full of resources.

“At the political level,our people are still struggling for peace, love and harmony among themselves but all in all let us unite ourselves forthe greatest development of our greatest and beautiful motherland.

“We can not own a lovely family in thecountry when we are not united and ppeaceful for one another and so let us be friendly to one another for the Glory of our Lord Almighty God through Jesus Christ Name,”she said.

Keluel Agook South Sudanese Human Right Activist thanked God for keeping people healthy to reach 10th anniversary of South Sudan Independence Day on  9th July 2021.

“As a country,  we have not achieved any of what we were fighting for no freedom, justice, equality, peace, stability among others.

 Sadly, no development such as roads, hospitals, electricity (power) education, salary, or even pension for the working class in South Sudan,”Mr. Agok said.

“My message to fellow citizens is, let’s keep the hope alive. No matter what we are going through the light of hope is and sense of relief is possible.

The Activist urged leaders of the country to stick to peace and conduct elections on time.

Otwari Dominic Oromo,  student in Uganda said there was need for government and stakeholders to engage and empower the youth in realization of peace restoration and sustainable social economic development in South Sudan.

“As the Youth of South Sudan, we’re committed to raise above storms and work towards achieving the nobble cause of peace, equality, rule of law, justice, liberty and prosperity for all South Sudanese,” Mr. Oromo said.

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