S. Sudanese film maker wins Luxor African film award

By Bullen Bala Alexander

A South Sudanese film maker Alex Joseph have been awarded by International Luxor African Film Festival (LAFF)in Cairo Egypt last week.

“It was unbelievable to win such a competition because meeting over 38 countries who were well organized, well experienced in the field and participated in a lot of competitions in the world was really hard for me to believe that a man from this country can make it through,” said Mr. Joseph a Young South Sudanese film maker.

He revealed that when he first received message from the organizers for him to participate in the competition, the first thing that came to his mind was just to go and make friends and get knowledge while predicting the awards for other big names of other countries.

“All those fears have gone, it’s time for us as South Sudanese film Makers to organize and come together, work together to raise South Sudan name high in the international level, I believe South Sudanese are talented in many things only if they are well organized.” he added.

“As a South Sudanese film maker, I dedicate this award to the country and all to the film Makers and those who has lost their lives in the film industry because I won it in the name of the country,” Mr. Joseph.

He said the only thing that can make a country to be known outside is through such activities saying let people understand that our country needs peace that can make such industries to develop.

The LAFF is an annual celebration of films, art criticism, while keeping a close eye on African cinema and its different contemporary issues.

The festival has been building up momentum to reach out different artists and filmmakers from the African continent, to bridge the gap between Arabic speaking African countries and other nations deep in the continent.

This marked 10th edition of the LAFF held between 26 and 31 March under the slogan “Ten Years of Imagination”. Asia Madani performs during the closing ceremony of 10th Luxor African Film Festival, 31 March 2021.

The event included a rich artistic segment featuring Sudanese singer Asia Madani and closing speeches by renowned film figures, Deputy Governor of Luxor Mohamed Abdel-Qader, representatives of the culture ministry, and many renowned personalities from the Egyptian and Sudanese film industries.

The other top winners of the festival’s 10th edition were as follows;

The best film award for ‘Zanka Contact’, directed by Ismaël Al-Iraki from Morocco.The jury award for ‘Air Conditioner’, directed by Fradique from Angola

Special mention to Khaled El-Sawy for his outstanding acting in the Egyptian film titled ‘For Rent’, directed by Islam Belal.

The best documentary award to ‘Faritra’, directed by TovoniainaRasoanaivo and Luck Razanajaona from Madagascar.

The jury award to ‘Downstream to Kinshasa’, directed by Dieudo Hamadi from Congo.

The best film award for ‘Farewell Amor’, directed by Ekwa Msangi from the USA.

The jury award for ‘Becoming Black’, directed by Ines Johnson-Spain from Germany.

Special mention to ‘Tilo Koto: Under the Sun’, directed by Sophie Bachelier and Valérie Malek from the Netherlands

The best short film award for ‘Good-Bye’, directed by Anthony Nti from Ghana

The jury award for ‘Ultimate Ink’, directed by Yazid Al-Kadiri from Morocco.

Special mention to Al-Tayeb Al-Hadi Al-Tayeb for his acting in ‘Listen to My Dance’, directed by Alyaa Sirelkhatim from Sudan

The FEPRESCI award went to ‘This Is Not A Burial, It’s A Resurrection’, directed by Lemhang Jeremiah Mosese from Lesotho

The Radwan El-Kashef award, which is presented by the Shebab Independent Young Artists, was offered to ‘For Rent’, directed by Islam Belal

The 10th edition of the LAFF was held between 26 and 31 March under the slogan ‘Ten Years of Imagination’.

The festival celebrated imagination and creativity from all over Africa, with Sudanese cinema being the guest of honor.

It was organized by the Independent Artists Youth Foundation, the LAFF is presided over by its founder, Egyptian scriptwriter Sayed Fouad, with actor Mahmoud Hemeida as its honorary president.

In this edition, the festival also paid tribute to the Tunisian star Hend Sabri for her outstanding career in the Arab film industry, the Egyptian director Ali Abdel-Khalek, actor Mohy Ismail, actor Samir Sabry, Malian director Cheick Oumar Sissoko, and AzelarabKaghat from Morocco.

Luxor African Film Festival is an annual film festival for African cinema in Luxor, Egypt. LAFF is run by the Independent Shabab Foundation (ISF) it was first conceived in mid-2010, and the first festival took place in February 2012.

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